Profiles of Success 2018


This award gives special recognition to an individual for his/her significant philanthropic contributions, support for a nonprofit organization, and community development.

Honorable Al Gameros

Honorable Al Gameros currently serves as the Mayor of the City of Globe, Arizona. Prior to his election as Mayor of Globe, Al spent nearly 30 years as a firefighter, 18 of which were spent as Fire Chief. He is active with his church and makes himself available to any constituent who wishes to be heard.

In October of last year, a crisis hit the Globe-Miami community when the local domestic violence shelter learned that state-funding was being discontinued after 20 years of operation. Mayor Gameros worked tirelessly with state-level leaders, local tribes, local nonprofits and the county to advocate for the shelter and find solutions. In a triumph of leadership. Mayor Gameros’ collaborative efforts were rewarded and a new shelter for victims of domestic violence is currently in the works.