Profiles of Success 2018


This award gives special recognition to an individual for his/her significant philanthropic contributions, support for a nonprofit organization, and community development.

Chris Stoller Michelena

Chris Stoller Michelena is the Southern Arizona Director for Senator Jeff Flake, responsible for reaching out to the greater Southern Arizona community as well as to Hispanic organizations, both political and civic, to create new partnerships, continue existing relationships, and better serve Hispanic constituents.

In this role, Chris ensures that residents in border towns such as Yuma, Douglas and Nogales have regular, authentic access to Senator Flake’s team. He has also established and nurtured relationships with Arizona’s Latino-serving organizations.

Before joining the Senator’s office, Chris was Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives for the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) in the Arizona Governor’s Office. In the fall of 2015, Chris became a Flinn-Brown Fellow and is currently a member of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council in Tucson. Chris received his Master of Administration in Leadership degree from Northern Arizona University in 2011. As an undergraduate, he attended the University of Arizona where he received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business and Economics with minors in General Business Administration and French.