Profiles of Success 2018

Special Recognition Award

The Profiles of Success Special Recognition Award spotlights individuals who have taken a dramatic and/or courageous stand on an issue affecting Hispanics or who have contributed to positive outcomes of Hispanic causes.

Elvia Díaz

Elvia Díaz is a columnist and editorial board member at the Arizona Republic, and general manager of La Voz, the company’s Spanish-language publication.

Elvia was born and raised in Michoacán, México. She and her family settled in northern California, where she began her journalism career as a Spanish-language radio newscaster.

Like many immigrants, Elvia didn’t know a word of English when she joined her siblings who had been working in the California vineyards. She considers herself lucky to have parents brave enough to leave their violent-ridden hometown, smart enough to teach by example and resilient enough to face adversity.

She considers herself a successful woman but only by her parents’ definition – someone who isn’t afraid to face an uncertain destiny, recognizes opportunity and is grateful with the people who helped along the way.