Profiles of Success 2018


The Profiles of Success Special Recognition Award spotlights individuals who have taken a dramatic and/or courageous stand on an issue affecting Hispanics or who have contributed to positive outcomes of Hispanic causes.

Gloria Muñoz

Gloria Muñoz is the Executive Director of Housing Authority of Maricopa County. The agency was recognized as a ‘Most Valuable Partner” by HUD in 2013. In 2015 the agency received an award from National Association of County Officials (NACO) for implementing a plan to go digital in the housing programs. She received the “Community High Impact” award for the redevelopment of the largest public housing project owned by the agency. Under her leadership the agency is implementing a housing plan to improve all public housing with a recapitalization plan to redevelop over 900 units of public housing. The capital raised to redevelop public housing will exceed 100 million dollars. The agency manages the HCV Section 8 program providing rental subsidy for over 1,800 low income households in Maricopa County. The HCV program was restructured in 2012 to improve overall program performance and utilization. It has been designated as “High Performer” by HUD in 2015.

Gloria has 38 years of experience in program design, public/private financing, housing development, real estate acquisition & management. Her background includes leadership positions with two national non-profits as the Director of Real Estate Development for the Chavez Foundation and Regional President for Mercy Housing Inc. She began her career with the City of Phoenix Housing Authority, was appointed to lead & create the Arizona Housing Department under the Babbitt administration. In that role she consolidated all the housing programs into one department, worked with the legislature to establish the Housing Credit Allocation Agency to allocate low income housing tax credits, she managed the state housing bonds of 450 million dollars and established the State Housing Trust Fund dedicating unclaimed property deposits as the revenue source. She was then recruited by FDIC to oversee & establish the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) Affordable Housing Disposition Program in Arizona, Nevada, California and Colorado. She spent two years in Washington DC working for FDIC providing direction to complete the disposition in all the western states in the US. She was educated at Arizona State University (ASU) and JFK School of Government at Harvard University.