Mom of the Year 2018

Heidi Jannenga

Heidi Jannenga is mother to 6-year old Ava and is president and co-founder of WebPT, a leading rehab therapy electronic medical records (EMR) platform. Heidi became a mom during a period of extreme growth for WebPT when she quickly and necessarily learned several life lessons only other working moms could understand. Sharing these lessons for the benefit of other moms is an important part of Heidi’s speaking engagements and online communications. In this spirit, she founded PropelHer, a group that fosters open discussions about women’s empowerment. Heidi also serves on the board of directors for Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Arizona Science Center, Support My Club, Physical Therapy Political Action Committee, The Institute for Private Practice Physical Therapy, and the Arizona Community Foundation. She also regularly volunteers her time at Ava’s school functions.