Hispanic Leadership Institute-East Valley

The Hispanic Leadership Institute-East Valley (HLI-East Valley) is a 10-week leadership institute. The goal is to educate and assist individuals in developing their leadership skills to take an active role in the community by serving on a nonprofit/government board or commission. HLI-East Valley will train individuals, foster civic engagement, and assist participants to realize their fullest potential as community leaders.

The mission of HLI-East Valley is to promote the individual development of Hispanics for increased participation in leadership roles and to serve as a principal education and networking resource for expertise and advocacy on leadership issues impacting Hispanics. As U.S. Census data reports, Hispanics are a visible and emerging population in Arizona and the United States. HLI-East Valley will proactively assist participants with tools and skills to prepare for leadership roles at the local level.

HLI-East Valley is a competitive application process open to individuals of diverse backgrounds.


Applications for HLI-East Valley 2020 are now being accepted!

Click here to apply or call 602-258-6797 ext. 7770 for more information.


The Hispanic Leadership Institute-East is a 10-week program of weekly classes conducted in the evening primarily at Mesa Community College, though a goal of HLI-East Valley is to hold sessions in as many different locations throughout Mesa and the East Valley to expose participants to unique community issues and local leaders.

The HLI-East Valley curriculum offers participants the opportunity to engage Arizona’s foremost business and public policy authorities in a continuing dialogue about leadership and issues important to the Hispanic community. The curriculum builds from the participants’ experiences and emphasizes professional and personal development.

Program Information and Application Process

  • Sessions for HLI-East Valley Class of 2019 will begin February 2020.
  • Application Deadline for HLI-East Valley is Friday, January 17, 2020.
  • Sessions are for 10 weeks and are from 6 pm-9 pm. There is also a mandatory all-day Leadership Retreat (date to be determined).
  • The program fee is $550 for all sessions and includes materials.

“What a wonderful opportunity! Honored to have been a participant. I am already referencing others to participate. Perfect, loved the exposure and the learning, connections, the stories. Learned about a lot of people who are ‘like’ me and have similar backgrounds.”

HLI-East Valley Graduate

*It is recommended that you prepare your application off-line, and copy/paste your answers in the space provided. Note: At the end of the application, you will be asked to attach one letter of recommendation and your resume.