As the triple digit temperatures are upon us again, it is important to remember to stay hydrated! Whether you are working outside, playing outside, or just walking from your house to your car; it is certain that you will begin sweating. When you sweat, you lose water through your skin. For example, if you are working outside during the day, it is possible that you might lose up to 2 cups of water an hour. The best way to offset this water loss is to drink a glass of water before you begin working. This will help you get ready to work, and will keep you hydrated until your first break. Breaks are very important, and you should take a break (in the shade!) every 20 minutes and drink more water-even if you are not thirsty. After you have completed working or outside activities, drink more water to replenish what you might have lost. The same rules apply to children; if they are going to be outside, keep an eye on them and make sure they are drinking water. It is often hard for children to regulate their body temperature the way an adult would, making them especially vulnerable to the heat. If children become light-headed, dizzy, or nauseous, that could be a sign of heat stress and should immediately be moved to a shady, cooler spot.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration are very similar. One of the biggest symptoms is dizziness. Other symptoms include fainting, thirst, and sluggishness. If it is hard to focus-and if you even feel like fainting- then you need to immediately seek a cool or shady place, and begin rehydrating yourself with water. You might even consider taking a cool shower to be able to cool down. If trying these techniques doesn’t work within 15 minutes, consider calling for the paramedics or seeking medical attention.

Be extra vigilant the next three months to ensure you and your children don’t fall victim to the extreme temperatures. Feel free to contact us here at the Mi Salud Clinic with any questions you might have, and as always, we are ready to assist your family in their healthcare needs. Give us a call at 602-523-9312.