Patient Portal 101

Now that you’ve claimed your Patient Portal, you’re ready to start managing your care. In this post, you’ll learn how to schedule an appointment in a few easy steps!

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  1. Get online and navigate to www.nextmd.com. (You can switch languages in the upper right hand corner.) You can either select Schedule from the menu at the top or simply select Schedule an Appointment from the appointments window in the middle of the screen.
Patient Portal dashboard

2. In the Appointment Request screen, make sure the Practice field reads “Valle del Sol”; then select your provider, reason for visit, location and date/time preferences. Select Submit.

Patient Portal medication refill


  1. Open your browser, navigate to www.nextmd.com and log in. You can switch languages at the bottom right hand corner.) From the home screen, tap the menu button () at the top left to open the menu. Select Appointments.
Patient Portal Appointments

2. Tap the calendar icon in the top right of your screen to add an appointment.

Patient Portal add appointment

3. In the appointment screen, make sure you select your provider, location, reason for visit and preferred date/time. Select Submit Request.

Patient Portal schedule appointment

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact us at 602-258-6797.