Patient Portal 101

Would you like to be able to manage all of these tasks online?

  • Renew medications
  • Schedule appointments
  • Download healthcare documents
  • Message medical staff

Try Patient Portal, a secure, easy-to-use online environment for Valle del Sol patients. As a patient of ours, you’ve already got a profile – just follow these 4 simple steps to claim it!


(Click on the images for larger views.)

  1. Click to visit the Patient Portal new user website . You can switch languages in the upper right hand corner of this page on desktop or at the bottom on mobile.

    Review the Terms and Conditions and select “I Accept” or “I Do Not Accept”. You must accept the terms and conditions to move on and claim your profile.

2. Select “Sign up for a new account”.

3. Select “Valle del Sol” under the Practice drop-down.

4. Follow the prompts from there to enter your personal information, insurance information, and account set up. This generates a request for review by our team, just to make sure you’re a patient. Once approved, you can use your Patient Portal to schedule appointments, renew medications and communicate with the team.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact us at 602-258-6797. Updated July, 2019.