Profiles of Success 2019


This award spotlights individuals who have taken a dramatic and/or courageous stand on an issue affecting Hispanics or who have contributed to positive outcomes of Hispanic causes.

Viridiana Hernandez

Viridiana Hernandez is the Executive Director of Poder in Action, a grassroots organization focused on building community power to disrupt and dismantle systems of oppression and determine a liberated future for people of color and working families in Arizona. Viri’s story is intertwined with Arizona’s story – Viri had lived in fear for 23 years during infamous Sheriff Arpaios’ raids and anti-immigrant laws becoming the norm in the state. In 2010, Viri was moved into action after the passage of the “show me your papers” law SB1070. Viri since then has led efforts to increase civic participation and leadership development in Arizona by organizing hundreds of young people to take action, working to expand the electorate, leading in efforts to defeat Arpaio and creating spaces of community and love. Viri is an alumna of Inclusive Global Leadership Institute, Hispanics in Philanthropy, New American Leaders, and the Hispanic Leadership Institute. Her commitment to growing a beloved community have been recognized throughout the years both locally and nationally.